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Preferred Path Conflict Resolution provides tools, training, and support that integrate negotiation and mediation best practice with guidance from scripture.


At your fingertips, the Preferred Path Handbook provides Tools and Tips for following each step on a biblical based path that can be followed unilaterally, or in cooperation with others.   All tested and proven by our students and clients over the years!

You can access the handbook on your phone or other device via the online version, or as a hard copy, spiral bound version that lays flat for self-study and reflection as you prepare for challenging conversations.

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Preferred Path Conflict Resolution provides skills training for individuals (four courses) and an “integration” course for teams to hard wire the Preferred Path into community life.

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Preferred Path Core Course
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Preferred Path Facilitation Skills Course
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Blue Lion Negotiation Skills
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Blue Lion Mediation Skills
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40 Hour Professional Certificate
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Preferred Path Integration Course
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Coaching and Consultation

To complement a full range of skills, Preferred Path offers coaching for leaders who want to strengthen their negotiation and mediation skills. Dr. Karl Slaikeu and others are available for consultation that includes video feedback on simulations and coaching on applications to current challenges.


Convening for Mediation

Do you need help finding a Facilitator or a Mediator? Are you afraid that the “other side” may reject the idea?

If so, contact us for confidential assistance in convening parties for informal facilitation (by a trained volunteer) or formal mediation (by a trained professional).

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Integration Into Church and Family Life

What difference might it make if the Preferred Path were integrated into every aspect of your Christian community’s life together?

The experience of others suggests you might achieve the following:

  • Less stress!
  • Savings in time, energy, and money as you resolve issues early and collaboratively (instead of allowing issues to fester and grow into more expensive problems later on).
  • A positive witness to others as you demonstrate Christ’s commandment to love one another, even when you disagree.
  • Healing, justice, and peace become achievable goals, not just words that seem unrealistic.
  • Litigation through secular courts might be eliminated altogether.

Building on decades of experiencing in designing comprehensive dispute resolution systems in corporate, faith based, and non-profit settings, Preferred Path Conflict Resolution offers a low cost, streamlined process for integrating the Preferred Path into any Christian community, large or small.

Click contact to request a Preferred Path Blueprint Checklist and schedule a no charge telephone consultation.