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Communicating, Building Consensus, and Resolving Conflict in Christian Communities

Preferred Path ® Conflict Resolution

Preferred Path ® Conflict Resolution provides tools, training, and support to help you achieve collaborative resolution of issues in business, family, and other settings.

What is the Preferred Path?

The Preferred Path is a series of steps based on the teachings of Jesus, integrated with communication, negotiation, and mediation best practices, that can lead to:

  • Improved/transformed relationships
  • Support for Christian values, discipleship, and mission
  • Positive witness to non-believers

When can I use it?

  • When you face difficult conversations
  • When you need to reach agreement on some action
  • When you want to resolve a conflict
  • When you want to prevent disputes

How does it work?

 You can follow the steps unilaterally, on your own. Or, you can invite another person or group (even an opponent) to follow the Preferred Path with you, using tools, training, and help from this web site.

The Preferred Path StepsBrochure


  • You or others need help communicating with one another on a difficult topic.
  • Or, you want to achieve a consensus on some topics?
  • You’d like to resolve a conflict or dispute without the expense and stress of litigation?

You’ve come to the right place!




Integration into Church and Family Life