Are you experiencing conflict with a classmate, a teacher, or someone else in your school?   Do you wonder how your Christian faith can make a positive difference in how you deal with the situation?

Or, perhaps there’s no conflict right now. Maybe your goal is to improve your communication in order to strengthen your relationships at school.

Following the Steps of the Preferred Path can help in each of these circumstances.

You can follow the Steps of the Preferred Path alone, as a guide to plan your own course of action. Or, use the Steps with your youth leader, counselor, parent or friend. You can even share them with an “adversary” and suggest you take the Steps together.

Beginning with Step 1 Pray and Prepare, click on each Step and follow the guidance.  While you can “loop forward” at any time, experience suggests it’s best to follow the Steps in order.

Click Convening if you’d like us to help you bring two or more parties together for a collaborative solution.

NOTE: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for legal advice.  If you feel your topic involves a legally protected right, consult an attorney. If you’d like help finding an attorney familiar with the Preferred Pathcontact us.