Preferred Path Systems Integration Course


The best way to help members follow the Preferred Path is to integrate the path into all aspects of community life. This includes New Member Orientation, Employee Handbook, Terms of Call for pastors and officers, contracts with vendors, Christian education, and other components that regulate or influence life together.  Using a Preferred Path Document Checklist provided as pre-work, this course will assist participants in creating a Blueprint for integrating the Preferred Path into current procedures and customizing it to fit with local polity and practice in participants’ respective congregations.

Who Should Attend

Each congregation/Christian community sends a team with at least one pastor and two lay leaders who have a special interest and responsibility for developing collaboration and conflict resolution initiatives to enhance community life.


Through completion of this course, participants will:

    • Define areas of church and family life where adherence to the Preferred Path will enhance community life.
    • Examine documents that currently regulate or guide behavior in these areas.
    • Review and edit language to “trigger” use of the Preferred Path for each area.
    • Apply language via “links” from church and other documents to the Preferred Path Ministry web tools and support services.
    • Create and implement a plan for recruiting and training individuals to serve locally as Preferred Path Facilitators.
    • Plan and implement appropriate education and training for members and staff.
    • Using templates provided by the instructor, create an evaluation plan for continuous improvement of services in participants’ individual settings.

Time Commitment

8 hours, with follow-up telephone conferences throughout the year.


Preferred Path Core Course


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