Preferred Path Facilitator Training


Jesus’ teaching “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Mathew 5:9) provides the foundation for this course. Intended for individuals called to play a volunteer facilitator role in their Christian communities, the course gives practical experience and coaching in three critical activities on the Preferred Path: Communication (Dialogue), Consensus Building, and Conflict Resolution (Interpersonal Peacemaking).

Who Should Attend

Individuals who possess the time, temperament, and talent to serve in a facilitation role with individuals and groups who are trying to understand one another, achieve agreement on some topic, and/or resolve a conflict involving two or more individuals or groups.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Describe and answer frequently asked questions about how to apply the Preferred Path to everyday circumstances (Navigation).
    • Demonstrate and facilitate three central communication skills: self-disclosing, active listening, and inquiry (Dialogue).
    • Use the Preferred Path Conflict Grid to help parties reach agreement on integrative solutions (Consensus Building).
    • Facilitate conflict resolution as a third party (Interpersonal Peacemaking, or Informal Mediation).

Time Commitment

8 Classroom Hours, Plus 22 Hours of Scheduled Case Conferences.


Participants must have completed the Preferred Path Core Course, and be commissioned by their church or other Christian community to receive training and eventually be ordained as Preferred Path Facilitators.


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