Preferred Path Core Course

Communicating, Building Consensus and Resolving Conflict in Christian Communities


This course provides an introduction to collaboration and conflict resolution in light of biblical principles, and provides practical experience with tools for communicating, building consensus and resolving conflict between individuals and groups.


Adult Members, Pastors and Staff, Elders, Deacons and Other Leaders


Completion of this course will allow participants to:

    • Apply biblical concepts to current opportunities for collaboration and conflict resolution.
    • Define “standard solutions” that increase the likelihood of parties achieving justice, peace and healing in conflict situations.
    • Practice communication skills that increase understanding and build rapport.
    • Describe consensus building using a Conflict Grid tool.
    • Define interpersonal peacemaking elements for use in family, business, school, church and other settings.
    • Articulate the essential elements for integrating the Preferred Path into church and family life.

Time Commitment

7 Hours




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