Preferred Path Advanced Negotiation Training


Advanced Negotiation Training provides skill building to support the “lead negotiators” in conflicts involving church life.

Who Should Attend

Pastors, Committee Chairs, attorneys and others who may represent the church in negotiations with outside parties or in resolutions of issues involving staff and/or church members.

About the Course

This course offers in-depth analysis and practice in the application of negotiation principles to a variety of problems that occur in church settings. Building on the experience of professional negotiators, this course includes practice with the Five-Step Negotiation Model, including application to cases involving legally protected rights. The course covers the following topics:

    • Module 1: Case challenges and learning goals.
    • Module 2: Review of Five-Step Negotiation Model.
    • Module 3: Structured simulation and practice.
    • Module 4: Innovations in legal representation (“Track 1” Negotiation Specialists).
    • Module 5: Impasse resolution strategies.
    • Module 6: Wrap up with final practice case and feedback.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Time Commitment

8 Hours


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