Preferred Path Advanced Mediation Training


This course is intended for professional mediators who wish to enhance their skills and broaden their understanding of the integration of mediation practice with scriptural principles.

Who Should Attend

Professional Mediators and Attorneys whose practice involves mediation of church and faith-based issues.

About the Course

This course covers the following topics:

    • Module 1: Review of Basic Mediation Principles and Overview of Five-Stage Mediation Model
    • Module 2: The Unique Characteristics of Church and Faith-Based Mediation
    • Module 3: Assisting the Parties in Using the Five-Step Mediation Model to Achieve Integrative Solutions
    • Module 4: Use of the Two-Track Model of Attorney Representation in Mediation, Mediation Ethics


Objectives of this course are for participants to be able to:

    • Define unique characteristics of mediation in a Christian context.
    • Describe elements of a Five-Step Mediation Model for application in formal and informal situations.
    • Demonstrate key behaviors in the Five-Step Model.
    • Identify and answer representative ethical dilemmas that arise in mediation.

Time Commitment

8 hours


Preferred Path Core Course


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