Are you facing any of the following in your family?

  • Communication problems that add stress to relationships?
  • Conflict between parent and child?
  • Work or school challenges that disrupt family life?

Prayerfully following the steps on the Preferred Path can lead to positive outcomes in each of these circumstances.

You can follow the Preferred Path unilaterally by using the Steps as a guide for your own behavior.

Or, you and another person can use this site as a common point of reference in taking the steps together.

Remember too that you can use the Steps when there is no current conflict.  Use them as a guide to enhance positive communication in family life.

Beginning with Step 1 Pray and Prepare, click on each Step and follow the guidance.  While you can “loop forward” at any time, experience suggests it’s best to follow the Steps in order.

Click Convening if you’d like us to help you bring two or more parties together for a collaborative solution.

NOTE: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for legal advice.  If you feel your topic involves a legally protected right, consult an attorney. If you’d like help finding an attorney familiar with the Preferred Path, contact us.